Body Mass Index Measurement System As A Desktop-Based Nutrition Monitor

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Today, having a healthy body is everyone's dream, from the age of the children, teenagers to adulthood. Personal health must be maintained to run all the activities that are being done. One of the factors that affect the health condition is the nutritional status of a person, which sometimes decreases or increases too high. Body mass index is the most commonly used indicator to know the nutritional status of a person. This system uses two sensors, the load cell sensor as a weight gauge and ultrasonic sensors as a measure of height. Processing data using Arduino Uno and the results of data processing from microcontroller issued to the LCD and stored on the PC database as data Body Mass Index which further processed and displayed the person's nutritional status directly. After the test, the system successfully measured the weight and height that will be processed into the value of Body Mass Index. The test of this system is performed by randomly selected respondents, both children and adults. Value of the measurement system is also compared with the value using standard tools for measuring weight and height, and the results have near 100% accuracy.

Posted in Kreativitas & Inovasi on Aug 09, 2020